A study of gender construction, healthy relationships and gender-based violence in England & Ghana: An interdisciplinary participatory research with Young Advisors (13-18)

An increasing number of studies have promoted the meaningful involvement of children and young people in research focusing on various topics such as the lived experiences of young refugees in exile or the mental health benefits of childhood play space and a number of other areas. However, only a small number of studies have investigated… Continue reading

A series of coproduced creative workshops to improve access to dental services for adult survivors of child sex abuse

It is known that survivors of child sexual abuse have poorer oral health than the general population. This is from a combination of difficulties maintaining personal oral health routines and attending dental practices. This study included survivors, psychologist, sociologist, dentist, scientist among its team, and also had the input of service providers and dental professionals… Continue reading

Developing a culture of radical care in our theatre and storytelling project, Motherhood in a Climate Crisis

Image credit: Ibolya Feher Motherhood In A Climate Crisis is an experimental partnership supported by Brigstow, which aimed to explore women’s thoughts, feelings and experiences around mothering in the climate crisis. Knowing that this was a topic which elicited very strong feelings, the project was explicitly designed with notions of care – for both participants… Continue reading

Learning from each other – lessons from the “Living financial resilience” community research and design project

In 2022, we partnered with Boost Community, a collective of advice agencies (debt, benefits, housing and employment advice) at the Wellspring Settlement, and community researchers to explore lived experience of financial resilience and together develop ideas how to better support it. We were a diverse group of collaborators: for many of us English was not… Continue reading