Creativity in Relearning Interdependence

Relearning Interdependence was an exploration into how we step back into a restorative relationship with our landscapes. How do we find a way of being that sustains ourselves and the landscapes we permeate? We knew from very early on that this exploration needed to be multifaceted. We needed to find multiple ways to ask and… Continue reading

How do we relearn interdependence?

We set out in our project to better understand the process of relearning interdependence between  landscape and community. Something all those involved in the project believed had been seriously degraded if not lost through rhetoric the separation that has seeped through all of our lives, our culture and world views. I saw this question as… Continue reading

‘Turning Tables on Research’ 

This week, the ‘Listening Table’ makes its public debut in Sparks Bristol, an enterprise co-created by the Global Goals Centre and Artspace Lifespace, re-fashioning a landmark retail space in the centre of Bristol to support creative communities and promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The table was developed with the support of the Brigstow Institute… Continue reading

Brigstow creative technology researchers: mapping activity across the university

We are looking for three post graduate researchers, each based in one of the three new faculties (Arts and Social Sciences, Science and Engineering, and Health and Life Sciences), to undertake a short-term project to map existing and plans for future creative technology activity across all disciplines. This project would be particularly suitable for researchers… Continue reading

Algorithmic discrimination in Brazil

Digital technologies are increasingly used worldwide to mediate social dynamics, manage access to rights and ensure participation in economic life. However, the way such technologies are created has blind spots, sometimes literally. There is not enough discussion about the extent to which a digital infrastructure embeds discriminatory and racist assumptions when developed and deployed critically…. Continue reading