Embracing the Interconnected wonders of Collard Hill: Academics, Artists, Activists and (Neo-)Aurelians come together to see the Large Blue Butterfly

“We’re going on a butterfly hunt, we’re going to (digitally) catch a large one!” In the childhood storybook ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen, a family stride through long grass, wade through a river and squelch through sticky mud on an adventure. In this blog, I tell the story of our own… Continue reading

Peasant and Popular Feminism: Co-constructing Peace and Sustainability

Deep in the rural heartlands of central Colombia, in territories wracked with violent conflict for decades, women have kept fields flourishing and communities alive. Campesino (peasant) existence in the Middle Magdalena hinges on a history of struggle (Ferro and Tobón, 2012; Molano, 2009). These natural resource rich lands have been at the centre of territorial… Continue reading

Reflections on taking part in creative and co-produced research Laundry Justice

By Sharon Martin, A Brigstow Student Researcher on Laundry Justice. I was appointed as a seedcorn Research Associate for the second stage of the Brigstow Project Laundry Justice. My role involved carrying out a literature search of grey and academic literature about circus, including circus as part of academic research. It also included the role… Continue reading

Implementing innovative qualitative research methods with farmers to understand the transition to alternative agriculture in the South West of England

By Arleen Lezcano, South West Agroecology Network. When I set the objective of understanding farmer’s practices in the context of agricultural transition and behaviour change, I don’t think I was very aware of the challenge, especially because these types of studies require the analysis of human experiences. So how could I achieve it? I understood… Continue reading

“It opened my eyes” – group reflections on our experiences of the community research ‘Living Financial Resilience’ project

Last year, we collaborated with Boost Community and local community researchers to investigate lived experience of financial resilience in Lawrence Hill. One of our aims was to reverse the usual top-down structures of research, by making sure that people from the local community were at the forefront of the project throughout data collection, analysis and… Continue reading