Collaborating on the Brigstow Metre and Memorisation Project

Literary research is, by and large, a solitary endeavour. Writing poems, which I also do, tends to be no more sociable.  In both cases,  the most important process of collaboration is a matter of second thoughts that happen when drafts are finished enough to be shared with peers and editors. … Read more

Urban Sound Pollution – Beyond the decibel

The ‘Building Instruments’ project was created to explore how we might sculpt soundscapes around the public’s perception of acoustic comfort. To do this we put together a team of people from very different and complimenting disciplines: Ainolnam Azizol – Sonic Researcher (Intern) Pete Bennett – Digital Artist and researcher Jameson… Read more

Brigstow presents our 2022 Ideas exchanges

We are delighted to present our 2022 Brigstow funded Ideas Exchanges. Brigstow Institutes Ideas exchange funding provides researchers the time and resources to connect with others and explore an idea’s potential together. It is designed to support emerging, interdisciplinary networks and partnerships that are co-designed and co-run with external partners.… Read more

Brigstow presents our 2022 Seedcorn Experimental Partnerships

We are delighted to announce that the following research projects have been awarded Brigstow Institute Seedcorn Funding in our 2022 funding call. Tim Cole, Director of Brigstow Institute says ‘The 2022 cohort of Brigstow seedcorn projects continue the tradition of drawing on interdisciplinary and co-produced ways of working to ask… Read more

Brigstow 2021 Ideas Exchanges

The Brigstow Institute has awarded Ideas Exchange funding to thirteen new interdisciplinary research partnerships. The Ideas Exchanges will explore the themes of: “Covid and Structural Inequalities”; “Research and the Creative Industries”; and “Living Well in the 21st Century”. We are delighted to announce that we have funded the following projects:… Read more